Posted by: Timo Ahopelto | March 31, 2010

Will 2010 be the year of oncolytic viruses?

I believe it can be.

A snapshot conversation at BIO Europe Spring 2010 with in-licensing executives from Amgen: “A year ago you would have been thrown out of the room if you had started to talk on oncolytic viruses. Today, you can stay in and everyone is highly interested.”

Some other significant news already in 2010, demonstrating the momentum:

  • BioVex completed $ 70 million in funding against strong clinical results, to finalize its Phase III program and pre-marketing activities for melanoma with their oncolytic virus OncoVEX. Some industry experts expect BioVex to release very strong trial data towards the year end. The patients with advanced melanoma can enroll at the OPTiM trial site.
  • Oncos Therapeutics presented at BIO Europe Spring 2010 data from the Advanced Therapy Access Program and its CGTG-102 lead candidate: 70% clinical benefit rate and 200-day survival of 77% in the program active for terminal patients since 2007 is a very strong result. The GM-CSF armed, capsid-modified adenovirus virus is expected to go into clinical trials soon.
  • Today, Oncolytics Biotech announced recruitment start for their Phase II REOLYSIN trial in the US targeting non-small cell lung cancer.

And this is only the first quarter.

If I forgot something essential, please comment to the below.

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